Sunday, October 26th

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  • Based on results from the largest global study of data centers, this Workshop offers insight into data center market dynamics and trends on a local, regional, and global level.  Discover the latest developments including growth in white space, outsourcing, power demand, and the implementation of new technologies, and what these trends mean for future data center strategy. This Workshop will also evaluate and compare the current Trends in technology adoption and investment in the Global Gateway City Hubs.


    Stephen Worn

    Chief Technology Officer and Board Director



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     Join us for a reception with open bar accompanied by music. This is an excellent opportunity to dialogue with conference presenters, meet new people, network, welcome first time attendees, renew old acquaintances, and meet the board members.

Monday, October 27th

  • Check in, pick up your name badge, conference materials and enjoy a hot buffet breakfast.


  • Bob Cassiliano, 7×24 Exchange chairman, will open the conference, provide an overview, review meeting logistics and address general housekeeping items.

  • The opportunity for progress is everywhere. The digital age provides extraordinary possibilities for those who look beyond what is possible now and toward what could be — to transform, innovate and advance their business with disruptive technologies, lead their industry through differentiation, and ultimately improve society and the world we all live in. Digital enterprises of the future are pursuing these visionary endeavors, innovating continuously and bringing the extraordinary to life today. They’re taking leaps driven by technology that create possibilities that were never before thought possible. They’re continuously adapting, reinventing and transforming to succeed and create new growth curves. They’re building trust — the foundation for success in an increasingly complex world of cloud, big data, mobile and social. Leaders must continue to look to the future. The question is no longer why, but how. Mike Desens will address the question industry leaders are asking: “How can we make the extraordinary possible?”



    Michael Desens

    Vice President & Business Line Executive, System z


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  • Liquid cooling at the processor level has received the attention of the major IT equipment manufacturers. These manufacturers need to know whether the market is at a crossroads – if liquid-cooled IT thermal designs are becoming economically feasible, they will need to work with their clients through a period of transition while the industry learns how to account for the changes in IT equipment configuration.


     This study looks specifically at one type of liquid cooling that uses water pumped through a cold plate placed in contact with the IT system processor. The baseline for this study is a 2 MW facility using conventional air-cooling at the processor level coupled with conventional high-efficiency infrastructure (mechanical and electrical) equipment. The test case is the same 2 MW facility using hybrid liquid-cooling/air-cooling at the IT equipment level, coupled with a combined infrastructure to support both the air and the water cooling. Recurring costs (energy, maintenance, etc.) and capital costs (mechanical and electrical infrastructure, IT equipment) are inserted into a TCO model to determine whether the liquid-cooled solutions have a more favorable life cycle cost. These costs are calculated for several cities to account for climatic differences as well as local differences in utility and capital costs. The intent is to allow end users to scale these results to inform them in their decision making process for future IT equipment selection as well as their respective data center designs.


    Henry Coles

    High Tech and Industrial Systems Group

    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


    Roy Zeighami

    Power and Cooling Architect



    Bill Carter

    Sr. Data Center Architect

    Intel Corporation


    Vali Sorell, PE

    Vice President

    Syska Hennessy Group

  • In assessing potential data center alternatives corporate evaluations are performed using a “multi-lens” approach. What is important to one portion of the organization may have little resonance with another but these different perspectives must all be satiated for a company to get the data center they require. In this presentation, Chris Crosby will examine each evaluative “lens” and describe the elements that are critical to each and why. He will also discuss how many data center projects suffer from their failure to deliver the effective balance between all of a company’s constituencies.


    Chris Crosby


    Compass Datacenters

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  • Designed to encourage in-depth discussion and debate on the latest challenges in data center planning, design and operation, topics will include: trends in infrastructure design resiliency, energy efficient design and operational practices, capacity planning and management, and the day-to-day challenges in managing data center operations. The moderator will guide the discussion with the use of PowerPoint slides and handouts; however, the real star of this session will be you, the end user! Bring your appetites, but more importantly, be ready to engage your peers for an exciting interactive discussion on the latest challenges of our industry. Don’t forget those business cards as this will be a great opportunity to meet your peers in the industry!


    David Schirmacher
    Senior Vice President of Operations
    Digital Realty and
    7×24 Exchange International

  • TC 9.9 has technical members from the major IT manufacturers.  These manufacturers continuously receive feedback about their equipment such as failures, performance, issues, etc.  This valuable feedback source combined with  end user feedback directly provides TC 9.9 with valuable data.  In some cases this can even be unintended consequences.


    This presentation shares the results of that feedback as well as other insight from the IT manufacturers.  This includes server power management features, operational issues with closed coupled cooling of servers, and ASHRAE’s new research on RH and its effects on data center operation.


    Don Beaty, P.E.


    DLB Associates Consulting Engineers


    Roger Schmidt

    IBM Fellow and Chief Engineer for Data Center Energy Efficiency


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  • Many of you have heard Kevin speak about hacking activities, and the preventative measures that can be taken to spot and deflect miscreants and evildoers. In this timely talk, you’ll hear Kevin talk about the aftermath. What happens if all the work isn’t enough, and folks break in? When all is chaos, what do you do first? What lessons can be learned from others’ experiences? In Kevin’s usual wry style, and with plenty of “war stories”, you’ll hear about how to detect hacker activity in the first place, how to kick them out, how to assess the damage and how to clean up afterward. You’ll also learn about the real costs of a breach – extending far beyond the simple dollar amount of money stolen.


    Kevin Kealy

    Chief Information Security Officer

    FIS Global

  • Breakout A:
    Effectively Managing the BYOD Revolution


    BYOD—or Bring Your Own Device—is a growing phenomenon across all segments of business and education due to many advantages, but also creates some fundamental issues for the enterprise’s network. During this session, ADTRAN will address four key issues IT Managers face as they look to address the BYOD opportunity, and attendees will learn how to better prepare for and manage their network as they scale to accommodate the rise in devices and higher-bandwidth applications that are being accessed.


    Ted Cole

    Vice President of Channel Sales





    Breakout B:
    Data Center Emergency Power Systems


    If you have ever wanted to compare and understand the differences between emergency power topologies, now is your chance to hear a specialist on this topic. Three recent data center projects will be discussed, delving into the benefits and limitations of each
    arrangement. Current technology makes paralleling easy. Many new considerations and opportunities exist, and this presentation will cover the fundamentals of what is available and how it can help you increase reliability and lower your costs.


    Curt Gibson, PE, ATD
    Data Center Design Engineer
    Generac Industrial Power



    Breakout C:

    Not All Low Voltage Switchgear is Created Equal


    Reliable power cannot be compromised in mission critical facilities such as data centers. This session provides a forum to understand, discuss and evaluate the practices when using Arc Resistant Low Voltage Switchgear. Simulation cases and results will be presented demonstrating the significant differences between Bare Bus (Non-Insulated) and Insulated/Isolated Bus configurations for data center switchgear. Audience may participate in discussion of findings and conclusions gained from simulation cases.


    Tom Hawkins

    Consulting Product Engineer



    Rahul Rajvanshi

    Senior Product Engineer


  • 7×24 Exchange is proud to present the 2nd Annual Marquis Plus+ Partner Showcase. This premier exposition will resemble the Hospitality Events of the past where ALL attendees can gather around food, beverage and entertainment, to network and enjoy themselves thanks to our Marquis Plus+ Partners. Each of our partners will display their latest and greatest equipment, products and services available to assist you in your day to day data center operational needs.


    Special thanks to our Marquis Plus+ Partners that made this event possible:


Tuesday, October 28th

  • Breakfast & Registration

  • Bob Cassiliano will review day one highlights, recognize the conference Corporate Leadership Program sponsors and give a 7×24 Exchange update. On this 25th Anniversary, 7×24 Exchange will honor its founders for their vision and contribution to the organization.

  • In a white paper released earlier this year, Google presented a revised operations model for maximizing data center performance while minimizing energy use across the data center fleet. “Machine Learning Applications for Data Center Optimization” describes Google’s progress with moving beyond the PUE plateau. During this session Joe Kava will briefly introduce the adoption of Predictive PUE across Google’s Data Centers and provide an update on how the sites are reaching this goal.


    Joe Kava

    Vice President

    Google Data Centers

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  • As the nation’s largest provider of Hospital Infrastructure, the increased demands of digital media and IT infrastructure created new challenges for HCA for present and future business management. With the cooperation of their partners at Page Southerland Page, Echo Power Engineering, and DPR Construction, the team set out to build a state of the art facility preparing HCA for the advancements within the healthcare data industry. Together the team will present on the industry demands, philosophy of design, construction, and commissioning success.


    Danny Alexander

    Facility Manager

    Hospital Corporation of America


    Freddy Padilla, PE

    VP Engineering

    Page Southerland Page


    Wayne Fontenot

    Project Executive Healthcare

    DPR Construction


    Joe Maynard

    Co-Owner, General Manager

    ECHO Power Engineering, Inc.

  • Data Center cabling architecture is dynamic and keeping abreast is essential. This presentation incorporates the latest trends in data center network architecture and examines the impact of various cabling configurations on applications, manageability, cooling, scalability, and total cost of ownership (TCO). The goal is to help facilities and data center managers make an informed decision as they move from traditional three-tier switch architectures to newer fat-tree switch fabrics. In a fat-tree switch fabric, access switches can reside in traditional centralized network distribution areas, middle of row (MoR) positions or end of row (EoR) positions – all of which use structured cabling to connect to servers. Alternatively, servers can be placed in a top of rack (ToR) position using point-to-point cabling for connectivity. There is no single ideal configuration for every data center, and real-world implementation of newer fat-tree switch fabric architectures warrants CIOs, data center professionals and IT managers to take a closer look at the pros and cons of each, based on their specific needs within the data center ecosystem.


    Todd Harpel, RCDD
    Director of Strategic Alliances, Berk-Tek, LLC
    and Communications Committee Chair, CCCA


  • Lunch and Networking

  • Increasingly, customers are expecting their data center service providers to share their sustainability goals, including ensuring that the energy supply serving those data centers consists of as much renewable energy as possible.  This will likely become increasingly important as major corporations move more of their IT needs onto third party infrastructure. As a carbon neutral company, Google has been a pioneer in this area. This session will focus on innovative ways that Google has used to source renewable energy for operations; trends in sourcing renewables; why this is important to Google; principal challenges moving forward; and Google’s plans for the future.


    Gary Demasi

    Director of Operations, Global Infrastructure

    Google Inc.

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  • Breakout A: Curbing the CRAC Addition in Cooling Data Centers


    Turning up the cooling capacity for IT loads may be ignoring the root problem of airflow management. In fact some estimates suggest that data centers can be over-cooled by as much as 2.5 times with ever more investment in computer room air conditioning (CRAC). How can the data center manager right-size cooling infrastructure to the IT load? What techniques can be applied in airflow management to improve cooling utilization? How successful have other companies been in implementing innovative cooling strategies? Find out in this session.


    Mark Monroe

    Chief Technology Officer & Vice President

    DLB Assocaties Consulting Engineers



    Breakout B: Hackers Attack, Anatomy & Security Trends


    Studies1 show that as many as 89% of CIOs express confidence in the effectiveness of their security practices, yet those practices often fail to account for evolved, modern adversaries. Malicious hackers advance their techniques at a staggering pace, often rendering current defense tactics obsolete. Presented by the elite organization of white hat hackers most widely known for being first to break the iPhone, Android and Ford Motors Immobilizer Keys, this session will analyze the anatomies of real world attacks, ranging from the well known Target breach to lesser known but equally devastating compromises. It will provide a framework of paradigm shifts to account for these modern attackers, articulate industry context, and supply attendees with key takeaways, including immediately actionable guidance.


    Geoff Gentry

    Regional Director

    Independent Security Evaluators

  • Featuring “The Greatest Hits on Earth Live”


    It’s Official! 7×24 Exchange has been the leader in the Mission Critical Industry for the past 25 Years. Come celebrate our Silver Anniversary with us as we produce The Greatest Hits on Earth – Live!® “by the Artists who made them Famous”starring JOHN CAFFERTY & MICHAEL “TUNES” ANTUNES – of The Beaver Brown Band™ (Eddie And The Cruisers™) On The Dark Side, Tender Years, JOHN ELEFANTE – formerly of Kansas™ Dust in The Wind, Carry On My Wayward Son, SKIP MARTIN – of The Dazz Band™ and fomerly Kool & the Gang™ Let It Whip, Celebration, Ladies Night


    Charlie Morgan – drums – formerly of The Elton John Band
    Brad Cole – keys- formerly of The Phil Collins Band
    John Howard – bass – of The Richard Marx Band


    The event will start with a 2 hour Barbecue in the traditional 7×24 Exchange style and will conclude with a show you won’t want to miss!


    Special thanks to the partners that made this event possible:


    ASCO, Caterpillar, Clune Construction Company, ComRent, Data Aire, Digital Realty, DPR Construction, East Penn Manufacturing Co. Ehvert Mission Critical, GE Critical Power, Generac Industrial Power, IBM, Industrial Electric Mfg., Kohler Power Systems, Miratech, MTU Onsite Energy, Page, PDI, Raritan, Riello UPS, Rittal Corporation, Russelectric, S&C, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Sika, Starline, Stulz Air Technology Systems, Sunbelt Rentals, Syska Hennessy Group,  Thomas & Betts/ABB, Thomson Power Systmes, Virginia Economic Development Partnership, Whiting-Turner

Wednesday, October 29th

  • Breakfast.

  • Bob Cassiliano will review highlights from day two and address housekeeping items of interest.

  • Time and again, businesses predict data center physical infrastructure needs with a “foggy view” of the future. This approach often leads to costly errors, such as over-sizing infrastructure to future-proof against uncertainty. This session will demonstrate why the data center is more predictable than you may think. It will also introduce a methodology for planning a data center design that avoids uncertainty and maximizes capital utilization.


    Kevin Brown

    VP Global Data Center Strategy and Technology

    Schneider Electric

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  • Learn how skincare giant Nu Skin Enterprises gave its data center operations a makeover with a new smart and future-proofed data center. Hear how Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc., the premier anti-aging skincare product company, designed and optimized a new data center to keep pace with company’s growth. Operating in 54 countries, Nu Skin has more than one million independent distributors, and has achieved record revenues and profits in recent years. The data center team recently built a new 4,200-square-feet data center with 10,000-square-feet of expansion capabilities. The data center was designed using N+ 1 criterion to accommodate future growth, and supports today’s higher densities — including blade servers — and LEEDs requirements for decreased energy use. The team also added intelligent monitoring capabilities in the data center cabinets to keep tabs on power, cooling, and network, telecom, and server equipment health. Learn how the new data center design and monitoring tools help Nu Skin meet SLAs and reduce operating costs.


    Jim Bolinder

    Senior Manager of Technical Operations

    Nu Skin


    Jon Inaba

    Director, Power Management Solutions


  • The prevalent HVAC controls solution in data centers and other mission critical facilities is typically a DDC (direct digital control). Some owners and operators have specified and implemented PLCs (programmable logic controllers) to take advantage of the performance and reliability a PLC based control system can offer. As we continue to push the limits to become more efficient, the control algorithms become more complex a high performance PLC can be a better solution. Vantage Data Centers has implemented a state of the art facility wide PLC based building management system at their Santa Clara campus. During this session Vantage Data Centers will discuss the benefits in energy efficiency and performance they have realized from implementing PLCs for their HVAC controls. We will also review the pros and cons of implementing a DDC vs. PLC in data center BMS systems.


    Justin Harp

    Director of Operations Engineering

    Vantage Data Centers


    Warren Jackson

    Mission Critical Industry Manager

    GE Intelligent Platforms

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Conference Keynote

IBM - Making the Extraordinary Possible

Michael Desens Vice President & Business Line Executive, System z

The opportunity for progress is everywhere. The digital age provides extraordinary possibilities for those who look beyond what is possible now and toward what could be -- to transform, innovate and advance their business with disruptive technologies, lead their industry through differentiation, and ultimately improve society and the world we all live in. Digital enterprises of the future are pursuing these visionary endeavors, innovating continuously and bringing the extraordinary to life today.

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