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The Industry Leading Data Center Conference

This conference is designed for anyone involved with 7×24 infrastructures – IT, data center, disaster recovery, cyber security and network/ telecommunication managers, computer technologists, facility or building managers, supervisors and engineers. Vendors, consultants, or anyone concerned with uninterrupted access to critical information also will find the conference of value.

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Fall Conference Highlights

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    Big Data and the Internet of Things: Boon or Bust for Your Cybersecurity Efforts?

    Theresa Payton

    Theresa Payton

    Theresa Payton
    Former White House CIO, Cybersecurity Authority, Expert on Identity Theft and the Internet of Things

    Marketing databases, customer analytics and behavioral patterns are easier to manage with big data—but will these data elements be safe from hackers? And what is the impact of the Internet of Things? Payton will explain how to harness the power of big data and build your big data to achieve business goals while adding in safeguards to fight cybercriminals. She’ll also explain how the Internet of Things may be the ultimate driver of global change.

    Theresa Payton on The Today Show 9/29/15.

  • Moving Cyber Security to the Strategy Table

    Fran .A. Dramis

    Fran .A. Dramis


    Fran A. Dramis
    FA Dramis LLC and
    Former CIO of BellSouth and Salomon Brothers

    Companies today must focus their strategies on getting out in front of and responding to cyber threats in a more material way. Their leaders must adopt a comprehensive approach that focuses on the protection of the brand and other assets, the continuity of the business, and the ability to recover from a cyber attack as swiftly and seamlessly as possible.

    Fran Dramis will share how data center leaders can use their background in business continuity and disaster recovery to inform and advise senior executives and board members of proactive ways in which their companies can continue conducting business and recover in the event of a debilitating breach.

  • Yahoo! Evaporation Pond Design for Data Center Effectiveness

    Soechgen Mulia

    Soechgen Mulia


    Soechgen Mulia
    Construction Manager

    The recent climate change discussion has forced industries to focus on their water usage, as it is both beneficial to the environment and the corporate bottom line to conserve water – The Data Center industry uses significant volumes of water! This presentation describes two cooling technologies at Yahoo! Data Center and its current water management concept. It then describes how to optimize the concept by leveraging those cooling technologies with water softener technology and evaporation ponds, focusing on water conservation as its primary goal while simultaneously improving the Overall Data Center Effectiveness (ODCE) – efficiency, cost-savings, sustainability, eco-friendliness and scalability.

The Fall 2015 Conference

This fall's keynote speaker, John Doe.

This fall’s keynote speaker, John Doe.

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quotemarkpng1The world continues to experience disruptive, perpetual change. This often causes organizations to lose their identity such as expanding into other areas. 7 x 24 Exchange has remained focused on what they do well. The net result is consistency in their conferences. Each conference is well-organized, well-run, and high quality.”

Don Beaty
President, DLB Associates

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