Wednesday, October 11
8:45 AM – 9:45 AM
Wednesday Keynote:
Jumpstarting the Journey to Decarbonization

Stacey Mahler

Stacy Mahler (bio)
Head of Sustainability, Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Sean Metivier

Sean Metivier (bio)
Head of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Consulting

As large consumers of energy, data centers are increasingly challenged to decarbonize their operations through improved efficiency and use of clean energy. For owners who haven’t yet started the journey to decarbonization or are still in early stages, this can feel like an overwhelming and financially difficult undertaking. During this presentation, two experts will help data center owners jumpstart their journey by breaking down the levers for decarbonization and walking through the planning process for successful implementation. Lastly, we explore what the first steps of the journey can look like to show early results and build momentum.