In today’s data center industry, there’s a high demand for qualified, trained professionals. With the ever-changing Internet of Things (IoT), the IT and facilities functions continue to converge, creating an increasing demand for skilled individuals to operate and maintain data centers. Many companies are currently seeking candidates with multiple skills in electrical, mechanical, computer science, application, cloud and network engineering expertise. Data Center 101 is designed to educate students about the happenings inside a data center and illustrate future opportunities. Students will learn about the various types of data centers, technology trends, networks, data center planning, industry standards, cooling, power partnership and a sustainable future. Join us to meet data center professionals, become involved in the mentoring program and advance your career in the data center industry!

Data Center 101 is aligned with 7x24 Exchange’s commitment to STEM education.

James Coe, PE, RCDD (bio)
Senior Principal, Director Critical Facilities
Syska Hennessey Group

Dennis D. Cronin (bio)
CEO, Resilient Solutions and
Founding Member, 7x24 Exchange International

Rich Garrison (bio)
Alfa Tech

K. Martin Gollwitzer (bio)
Global Practice Leader, Critical Facilities

Michael Swetz (bio)
Vice President, Enterprise Technology Services
State Street Corporation