Cloud regions are declared, data center campuses continue to expand, new technology is forcing unprecedented schedules, we need the fabric of data center delivery to respond in kind…. and full stop. A global pandemic hits and threatens the growth and operations of the most essential and efficient communications networks on Earth, and attempts to stifle the most innovative minds by separating their teams. We refuse to be defined by all the negative. We find ways to adapt, and create a fabric for safety, inclusion and success. We create, educate and learn, and take the best ideas and adaptations to shape a better data center ecosystem.

Chris McLean (bio)
Director of Mssion Critical Services
MC Dean

Lane Anderson, M.E. (bio)
Executive Vice President, Global Data Center Development
QTS Data Centers

Éanna Murphy (bio)
Senior Vice President
Yondr Americas

Eric Zuhlke (bio)
EHS Manager
Google Data Center Construction