The data center industry has been evolving since its inception. Today’s advances are just the next step in that evolutionary path. In many ways the distributed processing model being adopted today is really a full circle from where the industry first started in IT closets 45 years ago. As this next step comes into focus for the industry, we all need to better understand where it is going. The edge systems, in many ways, are just starting to take hold in the industry in a meaningful way. From cloud proliferation, to monetization of apps, to autonomous vehicle response and control, edge systems and the data centers they are and will be requiring will eventually dominate our landscape. With all of the potential uses these sites will take on many forms and land in many places. Our panel will explore the implications of how these systems and sites will affect the industry and what that affect will have on us all.

Jason Sanders (bio)
Division Manager
Turner Construction

Richard Bralley (bio)

Ron Mann (bio)
VP of Engineering

Bill Radford (bio)

Tom Widawsky (bio)
East Region Tech Principal
HDR Inc.