The data center market has long had experience with capturing data and interpreting that data into actionable intelligence. Still, most available systems are not easily integrated across domains and various equipment communications protocols make creating an integrated predictive analytics platform challenging. However, Compass Datacenters and Schneider Electric are working together to learn how they can better leverage IoT data streams from the critical infrastructure to better manage long term service and operational costs while reducing downtime risk. This joint presentation will look at how Compass and Schneider are piloting a system that unifies all the data streams into a single gateway and feeds to the cloud through a cyber-secure portal where subject matter experts develop and train a rules-based predictive analytics platform. This presentation will review the current use of analytics in the data center, while demonstrating the potential evolution of predictive analytics through Compass and Schneider’s case study.

Adil Attlassy (bio)
Chief Technical Officer
Compass Datacenters

Wendi Runyon (bio)
VP of Strategy & Business Development
Schneider Electric