Tuesday, June 15, 2021
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Mixing Liquids Into Your Data Center – Global Recipe for Success (session)

As owner and mechanical engineering lead for JM Gross Engineers, John brings extensive experience in both design and commissioning of a wide range of Data Center sizes and complexities. As voting member of ASHRAE TC9.9, and currently the only consulting engineer on the committee’s Liquid Cooled Working Group, John has helped author white papers on Liquid Cooling trends and design considerations. John is also lead author on Chapter 13 (Reliability and Availability) of the soon-to-be-published revision to ASHRAE TC9.9 Book 3 in the Datacom Series – Design Considerations for Datacom Equipment Centers. John has recent experience in design development, technical review and commissioning liquid cooled ITE solutions into existing air cooled ITE data centers. His in-depth, hands on experience has made him a key member of OCP Advanced Cooling – Facilities Steering Committee, providing critical input to workstreams development addressing the challenges of standardizing and optimizing deployment of liquid cooled ITE into data centers